Carmel Designs, aka Hand Painted by Carmel is the home of luxury functional house and hospitality table decor and other products. Carmel started the company in 1997, after completing her studies in Textile Design at The Ruth Prowse School of Art in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our signature product remains the hand crafted coated tablecloths, beautifully manufactured at our factory in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our range incorporates other homeware items such as placemats, napkins, runners, chair cushions, upholstery fabric, a kids range and a variety of accessories.
Our company has developed into a much-loved brand with an international presence, which continues to grow year on year.

Not only do we brighten up the lives of our Customers with this unique, colourful fresh take on design, all of which are conceived by Carmel herself and translated by her outstanding team of talented local women artists, fabric coating technicians and administrative staff members, our product is also THE Eco Friendly linen that never requires laundry!

This means we help save millions of litres of water annually across South Africa and abroad!

We have maintained the same special feel and unique culture at Carmel Designs that has been cherished from the beginning;

Our mission remains what it was when we began 23 years ago: to supply beautifully designed, commercial, functional and sustainable fabric, to bring joy through our use of colour and design and to lighten your daily load of having to launder!

Carmel Introduces The Range

Our Talented Staff

We are so proud and lucky enough to provide employment for 24 talented women (and 3 capable, reliable men) from Townships and Villages around Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Our factory environment is a safe-haven for these women and the family atmosphere that has been instilled, is embraced by all and is palpable when visiting us at our factory or in our store!

It is an absolute privilege to know that Carmel Designs has created jobs, sustainability and training for these talented women and their families- even more visible to see as their children become our newest employees in coming years!

Carmel Designs: Creating sustainability in our product, in our production process as well as with our people!

Carmel Rubinstein and Staff at Carmel Designs

In the Studio at Carmel Designs